Hello! Hey, thanks for the view! You’re kinda awesome for doing that.

Well I think I should start out by saying: Hello I’m Jeremy, my friends call me Jay. I have called south Louisiana home my whole life but I’ve been everywhere. I’m theĀ  kind of guy who enjoys spending time with his buds, going out to the firing range, sipping on a glass of whiskey with a nice medium rare steak in front of me. But, I’m not going to lie to you and say I’m your typical mid twenty year-old, I always have danced to the beat to my own drum and I love it. It most certainly keeps things interesting.

During a particularity not so awesome time in my life, I felt the best thing for me to do was to drop out of college and leave everything I knew behind. I left the state, friends, and family behind me to really go out and find myself. I managed to find work in Walt Disney World in Orlando and met thousands of people from all over the globe and from every walk of life and learn their stories. I traveled the country from the beaches of California and Florida, all the way to the frozen lakes and cities of Canada and Michigan, even the mountains of Oregon and the vastness of the Grand Canyon. So I’ve seen things and done things, both good and bad, other people my age have not and would currently consider myself well traveled. In the long run I believe this has shaped me into a better person and is making me the man I want to be.

MAN do I have some stories!

But currently I’m in a transitional chapter in my life. After three years I have returned to school to finish my degree. I also manage a successful business that keeps me stressed out and forcing my receding hairline, but I won’t lie and say I don’t love the chaos. Now I am just trying to establish myself and complete the next chapter of life and learn everything I can along the way.

So yeah. That’s basically me right now and what keeps me going. If you would like to ask questions go ahead and leave one in the comment board (it’s not there yet) because I don’t really do social media anymore. It keeps life more simple.

Once again thank you for reading, you are undoubtedly awesome and I hope you enjoy the rest of my site. See ya later!